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Generation to Generation The Right Heritage Stays The Course

Selection of the finest breeding stock from proven bloodlines, such as Caldwell's, Grassmere's,  Buckeye WCF, and Leeland Royal Pony Farm (to name just a few)  ensures  our goal of producing athletic, conformationally correct,  and well balanced miniature horses who are capable of showing and winning at the highest levels.

Our French Bull Dogs

Our French Bulldogs are bred for exceptional conformation set to the highest breed standard.  A health guarantee demonstrates  our confidence every puppy sold is correct in every way.  Raised in our home, every French bull dog puppy is handled daily by family members to ensure his or her social development. All of this is the foundation for the incredible "Clown-like" temperament our Frenches are famous for. 

About Us

Our farm is nestled on 10 beautiful acres in the heart of Kentucky horse country. Our family has engaged its passion for horses and dogs for well over 40 years. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to watch the next generation as it evolves from beginner to champion and everything in between!